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Club volleyball is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than recreational volleyball. At T2VB we aim to compete with the best in our Province and even Nationally. We provide professional level coaching for all teams and work hard to provide a positive productive athletic learning environment for all our players. 


The T2 Crew Club mission is to develop 12-18 year old female and male athletes to be future leaders in volleyball. We want players to play for as long as their hearts desire and even become coaches and leaders in their sport. We envision each athlete to go on and represent their own visions for volleyball at the highest level they wish to achieve. Some athletes go on to play CIS University Level Volleyball, or Collegiate CCAA Volleyball and some will go on from there and even play National team. With the numerous of leagues in the US and Canada and even the world, we hope players will see their potential in one of these leagues and continue to play even when they are old and can't jump or swing as hard as they once did. We aim that they learn that the sport is forever if they want it to be and learn to love this aspect of the game. 

What makes a T2 CREW player?

C - Communication & Culture

R - Represent & Respect

E - Energy & Equality

W - Work Hard & Win

C - A Crew Member will be taught to COMMUNICATE in a world of lost communication. We will ask kids to be communicative on the court and off the court. We believe this is very important in the development of sport, as well  We also ask players to be a part of the volleyball CULTURE. To somewhat, eat, sleep, breath...volleyball. 

R - A Crew Member will be taught to RESPECT the T2VB Culture in a positive and encouraging way. We will compete and some kids will even compete for positions on the team, but they will always be supportive of each member as we all REPRESENT & RESPECT everyone who plays, coaches, refs and directs the game. 

E - All Crew Members will be giving 100! Players must bring a POSITIVE HIGH ENERGY to training each day so that everyone can improve at the highest level possible. We also wish to give an EQUAL opportunity for success to all athletes in our T2 Family.  

W - All Crew Members will have a "never stop" WORK ETHIC that will be infectious for anyone who is around us. We will always call the ball, always dive for a ball, and never give up even when there is zero chance we can win. Because its not about winning...its about instilling in our leaders to never give up and always WORK HARD no matter what result is given in the end! We also want to create a WINNING mindset that creates confidence for youth to go on and be fearless in their lives. 


The C.R.E.W. philosophy will be nurtured through our relationship with Tammy Thomas and the other T2 coaches. The T2 Crew Volleyball Club’s young athletes will been given opportunities to experience and see the C.R.E.W. Philosophy by watching the older teams in events around the Okanagan etc. Our philosophy is not that different of the UBC-O HEAT teams so if you watch their games and volunteer for those teams you will see this in those players. Tammy Thomas was once a leader for that program and so she pulls her coaching and philosophies directly from when she was coached by Steve Manuel and other great coaches around Canada, USA & Central America. Many of our tactical and technical coaching techniques come directly from mentorships with Steve Manual & Lori Eisler (CIS Level University Coaches), Lorne Sawula (National Team Level Coach) and emotional and off court energy was learned from great life coaches like Karl Enns, Lori Pinnell and other mentor coaches around the Okanagan! It is expected that our T2 CREW Volleyball Club athletes give back to the volleyball community with fundraisers and fun food/clothing drives through the winter months that we will be training. We look forward to seeing the impact that our future leaders in women’s volleyball will make!



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