T2vb Beach Club

T2vb Beach Club


JUNE 4th - August 6th

2017 Tentative Beach Schedule

June 4th - June 29th:

**We have had several requests to MOVE the BEACH TRAINING TO WEEKDAYS!! And not the weekend so we have made this switch. We should have enough room at City Park to set up the courts we wish with our own net systems so please look for Tammy or your coach to find where training is at City Park Each week.

**The ones in red are full and cannot be registered into. Right now we only have space for 2 more kids in the U14/15 w/Jess on MON/WED 6-730pm and the older groups and the boys. But the BOYS is ELITE LEVEL ONLY so you will need a partner.

NEO Girls & Boys (9-12yrs): JUNE:  Tuesdays/Fridays 4-5pm

U13 Girls w/Janel Monday/Wed 430-6pm (FULL)

U14/15 Girls w/Jess Mon/Wed 6-730pm (FULL)

U13/14 Girls w/Skye Tues/Thurs 5-630pm (FULL)

NEW GROUP U13/14 Girls w/Janel Sat/Sun 9-1030am

NEW GROUP U15/16 w/Janel TUES/THURS 630-8pm *need min 6 kids

U16/17/18 TRAINING: Tues/Thurs 630-8pm

U14/15 Boys w/Abe Salmon: Monday/Wednesday 630-8pm

ADULT Training TBA - Need more Peeps.

July 4-Aug 6th:

NEO Boys & Girls (9-12yrs): Tuesday/Thursday @ 1-2pm

ALL U13/14 Girls Groups: Tuesday/Thursday @ 9-11am


U14/15 Boys: Monday 630-8pm & Fridays TBA

 **you may get an exact time for practices for July but it will likely be between these times and also a SCRIMMAGE day every few weeks as we are going to make a league for the kids like we did for indoor so you will have games during the week and some weekends.

Elite Groups Training Days & Times: *May Change Due to COURT Availability

June 4-June 29th:

U14/15 Elite Group: Tues/Thurs 4-6pm *weekend scrimmages

U15/16 Elite Group: Mon/Wed 4-6pm *Weekend Scrimmages

U17/18 & Women's Elite Group: Tues/Thurs 6-8pm *Sunday Scrimmages

July 4-Aug 6th:

U14/15 Elite Group: Monday/Wednesday 9-11am

U15/16 Elite Group: Monday/Wednesday 11am-1pm

*Thursday Afternoon 1-4pm Scrimmages

U17/18 Elite & Women Elite Group: Tues/Thurs 630-8pm

T2 EMPIRE Fees: 

NEO: $300

U13/14 Girls: $550

U15/16 Girls: $550

U14/15 Boys: $550


*depending how many are in group could change a little

SPIN-YOGA Add On** NEW $125

(We suggest all Elite Players add this but we realize some people will be coming from out of town)

So we are giving an option to add on Spin/Yoga & Fitness once a week. We can have 40 kids add this option on. It is a $400 value and will create team bonding so we hope lots of kids add it on. It will be at a first come first serve basis.

NEW** Parents can register now too!! Just follow reg process!

Spin will start May 15th and go till July 10th (July 3rd is cancelled due to long weekend) and we have two options:

Mondays 730-830pm

Tuesdays 730-830pm

Yoga will start May 10th and will go till July 12th will be Wednesdays 730-9pm. It is a specialized stretching class and will be 1.5hrs long at Moksha Yoga Kelowna in the Hot Room. Temperature will be lower than normal due to the age of the kids.

Difference between and Regular Training groups is that in the Elite Groups we train more during the week, add in fitness training during the extra 30 min of training once a week, nutritional coaching, team yoga in July, attend most BIG events and kids really want beach volleyball to be a main sport for them. Also, Tammy Thomas is the main coach/mentor that will run 90% of the training if not more.


Tammy Thomas - Jess Bartlett - Nathalie Demers - Skye Noh - Sarah Demers - Kristine Congram - Janel Filipiak - Brighton Cretney

**Tammy coaches each group as much as possible and she will be having some fun guest coaches come in whenever we get the chance! Tammy played pro beach VB representing Canada in over 11 international events and even winning some HUGE events in Canada like the Centre Of Gravity and Provincials for her age group "back in the day".

CALIFORNIA...Yes, we are doing it finally!

We have finally got the AVP, CBVA and Volleyball BC schedule to work together so we can make TWO amazing Beach volleyball adventures happen.

*Good for all ages of players
Aug 10-13 Seaside Event
Aug 14 Fly to LAX
Aug 14-17th Train on Hermosa Beach w. Mark Burik & Coaches.
Aug 17-20th Manhatten AVP OPEN EVENT (pro event to watch)
Aug 21st Shopping Day Hang Out/Scrimmage at end of day from 3-7pm.
Aug 22nd Fly home

General Cost: Travel to Seaside + Accommodations in Seaside + Flight from Seattle to California +Accomodations (special online is $700) + Training in LA + Manhattan AVP EVENT + Food = $1200-1500.

AND you will get an amazing experience in the Beach VB MECCA of the WORLD.

Please email tammy@t2volleyball.com to register your kid into the beach volleyball season! Make sure to send a small bio of your kid if we have not coached them before. (school attending, last team played for club and high school, any previous beach experience, level you think you are at?)