T2vb Clubs

T2vb Clubs


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We just want kids playing where they love playing~info on our amazing club is below:

We are very excited to be expanding our clubs for the 2015/2016 season! Our mission is to provide more opportunities for kids to play volleyball and get the training needed to succeed at a higher level. Last year we hosted two amazing club teams and one big amazing program. We are currently figuring out the details on who will be coaching what team but currently we are setting up for 5 club teams from U14 to U18.

What you get with T2VB

  • Over 90-100 hours of coaching/practices
  • Over 20 hours of physical training with a certified trainer and a high end facility.
  • Access to Team Moksha Yoga Classes
  • 2-3 Superseries Competitions
  • Provincial Championships
  • Mentoring from some amazing people & coaches in our T2VB Family.
  • A great season of club volleyball
  • Skill corrections to bring your game to the next level.
  • Nutrition Coaching for Athletes and plans.

Training Details

  • U13/14s: Training 2-3/week (90+hrs), Jersey, 2 Super Series Events, Regionals, & Provincials.
  • U14 Crew & DVs: Training 2-3/week (90+hrs), Jersey, 2 Super Series Events (1 local, 1 away), Regionals, & Provincials (possibly Nationals).
  • U15 CREW & DVs: Training 3/week (90+hrs), Jersey, 2-3 Super Series Events (1 local, 1 away), Regionals & Provincials (possibly Nationals).
  • **U14 & U15 Boys Teams: Training 3/week (90+hrs), Jersey, 2-3 Super Series Events (1 local, 1 away), Regionals & Provincials (possibly Nationals).
  • U16 CREW: Training 3/week (99+hrs), Jersey, 2-3 Super Series Events (2 in lower mainland, 1 local), Provincials & Nationals.
  • U16 DV Team: Training 3/week (99+hrs), Jersey, 1/2 Super Series Events ( 1 local & possibly one away), Provincials.
  • U17s: Training 3/week (99+hrs), Jersey, 3 Events (1 local, two away), Provs & Nationals.
  • U18s: Training 2-3/week (99+hrs), Jersey, 2-3 Events, (1 local, 1 away), Provs & Nationals

**Club Cost is TBD - will depend on how many we take per team & what events we choose to attend.

Check out our events page for upcoming events like tryouts, games, etc.

Club Philosophies:

Train smart & hard with the right coaching & coaches. We have five amazing coaches that will be working with the team(s) to provide the best training we can provide and get the kids to a higher level and compete successfully. We are all about development and mentoring athletes. If its not critical for development in our athletes, its not for us!

Head Coaches:

Tammy Thomas (former Jr. Heat coach, and NAIT ACAC 2013 Provincial Champions Assistant Coach - Played in BCCAA League in College, & Represented Canada on the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour. 2017 Club Season: U14 Crew Head Coach, U16 Crew Head Coach, U18 Crew Head Coach, U14/15 Boys Coach.

Davis Proch - T2VB Head Beach Coach 2016, UBCO Setter & MVP!! 2017 Club Season: U17 Head Coach & U14 DV Team Head Coach.

Amber McNicol - OKM Senior Girls Volleyball Head Coach, U16 T2VB Head Coach. 2017 Club Season: U15 Head Coach

Robert Bethea - LA Premier Club Volleyball Director, Creator of two California Volleyball Club Programs, Head Coach of U13-18 teams for Arroyo Volleyball & LA Premier, T2VB U18 Head Coach. 

Jessica Bartlett - Level 1 VBC Coach, T2VB U14 Head Coach, Previous T2VB U15/16 Assistant/Apprentice Coach. 2017 Club Season: U13 Head Coach.

Kyle Robinson - T2VB Apprentice Coach 2016, U16 DV Team Head Coach 2017 Season.

Apprentice & Assistant Coaches:

Kristine Congram - T2VB U15 Assistant Coach

Clarice MacGillivray - T2VB U17 Assistant Coach

Denai Wouters - T2VB Helper Coach

Kristin Lambris - T2VB U16 Assistant/Helper Coach

Jamie Robertson - T2VB U14 Apprentice/Assistant Coach

Deb Anderson - T2VB U15 Helper Coach/Administrator

Michelle Schueler - T2VB U16 Administrator

Kevin Soars - Fitness Instructor & Assistant Coach

Nutrition Coach:

Amanda Stepenko - Former Canadian National Bobsled Team Member & Coach. "Amanda is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (studying to be a Master Herbalist) who believes that nutrition + positive lifestyle choices are the basics for a healthy life."