Hello and Welcome to the 2017 T2VB Beach Empire!

Training Location: CITY PARK, KELOWNA BC

**Look for girl with a large bag and a T2VB Chair! Tammy is away the first few weeks of training but head coach, Janel will be there in full swing!



Kylie Haight
Isabella Jardine
Aspen Appelt
Rylee Geiger
LILY Hanik
Rachel Dray
Erin Hicks
Kierra (Once Week)
Sofia (Once/week)
Lauren Tanner

Also, we had some movement in groups so here is the confirmation of your group, time and days. We had to make some time changes so that kids could attend the fitness training SPIN & YOGA that we are offering at 730pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. These changes are in RED below. If something is NOT correct please email me and let me know!

**No one NEEDS to have a partner as the training is solo but if you wish to play events (not T2 Events but VBC events) you will need to talk to the peeps in your group or other groups, pair up and sign up for the events you wish to play. I sent out a Mail Chimp email that told everyone some big events to come watch but there are many you can play too. Check below in the EVENT info part to see how to do this.

GROUP 3 Girls (G2) SAT/SUN Training

GROUP 4 Girls (G4) SAT/SUN Training
Head Coaches: Janel Filipiak
Helper Coach: Brighton Cretney
Training Time: 930-11am
JUNE Training Days: SATURDAY & SUNDAY 930-11am
JULY Training Days: TBA
Play Days: TBA *we will have some scrimmage days where coaches will come help coach during the play and "teach through games” a new conceptual coaching theory that John Kessel of USA Volleyball is a huge supporter of and being that I loved getting to learn from him when I was learning the game myself, I try and use his theories as much as I can.
Cost: $550 - need to pay remainder of fees ($500) via email transfer to tammy@t2volleyball.com by June 1st. Please make password answer “volleyball" in all lower caps. If you already sent it, I will accepting them this week and if the password is not volleyball please send it asap!


Sometimes it is cold so make sure to bring warm & cold weather clothing to the beach this year, as if you are too cold, I won’t allow you to train as you can injure muscles this way and get pneumonia as I did once when I was playing in Vancouver. So please make sure to wear proper clothing. If it is storming and too cold, we will move training but unless you get an email or text, training is always a “go” so please don’t assume anything unless you get notification.


If you wish to play events please go to www.volleyballbc.org and register in the youth beach volleyball events using their registration system. If you played T2VB Crew you should know how to register as you did it when you went to register as a “member” for VBC at the start of the year. This time you pick the event you wish to play in and register you and your partner. I have been asked on whether you pay for both players or just solo, I am not sure of this, but for the most part I would just register both kids that are playing and collect from the partner later so you make sure to get into the event. The events fill up so register asap if you want to play events this year. The best events are the BEACH FEST events, the VANCOUVER OPEN for U14s, and PROVINCIALS. I will attend and help the kids when I can. There is a NO COACHING rule for beach volleyball so during play you cannot yell coaching comments to the players like you do for indoor, so coaches are not usually that important for games, but they are essential for training because of this rule!

I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks on June 5th!!