T2VB Halloween Fundraiser

For all U14/15 players boys and girls! Register in a fun queen/king court challenge where players will be put into teams and they can play mini games against each other. The format will be explained in full before we start at 12pm so come a bit early.

Happy Halloween and see you on the court!


T2VB Golf Fundraiser

Yes...yes...yes I LOVE TO GOLF! And living in the Okanagan, there are many great courses. BUT the HARVEST is one of the best and we are lucky to host our first annual golf fundraising event at THE HARVEST GOLF CLUB. We hope to have a few events a year that will bring out some good golfers as well as some FUN golfers. Funds raised will be going directly back to kids who are in situations where they might need some financial help to further their dream to play volleyball at the highest level they can. We have some athletes going off to post secondary that we would like to help out as well as athletes in the community/club that are just not able to afford club vb fees and traveling event costs. We are trying to help these athletes out more by offering memorial Scholarships, this year, in name of my dad Jim Stone. Jim is the inspiration behind me wanting to do this for kids, as with out his help, I am sure I wouldn't have been able to play so many sports and excel at as many things as I did when I was a kid, because he was really the person to push me and help my mom to afford the costs that come with playing sports. He used to golf with me and my mom often in the summer so I know he will be out on the course with us August 24th @ 630pm!

Register to play using our fundraiser form.