What can I say about Tammy Thomas and her T2 Volleyball programs? Man, that girl loves burpees! I'm serious.

What I love about T2 Volleyball is that Tammy works hard to encompass all aspects of the game. Not only is she teaching players how to properly execute volleyball skills, but she also includes components of the mental aspect of the game. In addition, she has created Volleyfit. Volleyfit to me, is an integral aspect of the program, as it teaches participants about balance- just because you play volleyball doesn't mean you can only play volleyball. The program works to teach kids about strengthening, proper movement patterns, balance, flexibility and mobility-which helps to keep the kids involved in the game longer because they're are less prone to injuries, and will more than likely return to playing faster if they are injured.
Tammy understands that any sport requires hard- work and dedication, something she herself brings to each and every practice, game and tournament. She puts her heart and soul into everything. Show up to a T2 practice and you'll see great drills, some screaming, dancing, singing, a lot of jumping, huge smiles, and a lot of great volleyball.

Oh ya, and she really does love burpees.

Amber McNicol, RMT Active Living Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Just finished Day 17 of the 50 Day HYA Challenge! I am starting to feel more fit and it’s only been a couple weeks! When I have to do other physical activities, it’s already starting to feel easier because of the daily workouts. I think that it is awesome that Tammy spends the time to make the videos and plan out all the workouts for us! She is an amazing trainer and coach and I am so glad that she has put together this fitness challenge!

Hannah Robertson, U13

We are a little over two weeks into the HYA 50 Day Challenge and I am LOVING it!!!! I’ve really enjoyed doing these daily challenges with my daughter and I can already see and feel a difference in my level of fitness. Not only am I feeling better physically, I’m sleeping better at night, I’m drinking more water and I’m feeling more energized throughout my day! I’ve learned that you can’t just exercise when you have time – you have to make time to exercise. Tammy is a fantastic coach and personal trainer - her workouts are well thought out, fun and really make you sweat! Thanks Tammy…can’t wait to sign up for the next challenge!

Kia Robertson, T2 Parent

Just have a bit of a reflection so far because its almost halfway through the challenge.. First off, I am definitely feeling stronger. I mean, yeah that's kinda the whole point, but I can actually really notice it. For example, before this during the summer when I'd help my dad load and unload his speakers and such it would usually be fairly tough for me to carry some things. Now however, what I had troubles with before I feel like I can carry much better and my dad certainly enjoys the break! As for cardio, I know just from PE that its improved because I've been breaking many of my personal bests in long distance running and don't feel as tired as I previously did once completing the runs. I really am excited for our school team to get up and running to see the effects of it on the court (suppose to be next week for sure now) and even if that doesn't work out I'm still excited to see what improvements I will see in the rest of the challenge!

Male 16 yr old Client, HYA Participant