T2vb Coaches

T2vb Coaches

At T2VB we attract top notch coaches and players. We are really proud of family we have and continue to create. All our coaches are passionate about volleyball and passing on their love of it! We believe volleyball is a way of life and we are always improving our skills as coaches and players.

U13/U14 Coaches

Jessica Bartlett, T2VB Head Coach 2015-Current

160223_u14_066Jess has been coaching for us since the beginning of T2VB! She is our go to coach as she really loves the sport and teaches the T2 Philosophy well. She started coaching with T2 and we hope she will coach with us till we are too old to do it anymore! Jess took the 2016 U14s to Provincials and was the only Okanagan Team in Div 1 finishing 13th. The U14s had some great games in Div 1 which brought the players to another level! Jess's passion and determination to develop players and give them the basic foundation, led to the majority of her players making Baden Cup Teams in which they tried out for the following summer. She also stepped in to coach the 2017 U15 team at Provincials when Tammy was required to be at Nationals with her U17/18 Teams. They ended up with a 6th place finish in DIV 1 and winning some big games! They were also the only Okanagan Team in Div1 and only lost to some of the Toughest Coastal Teams and programs to ever play U15. Jess is a big part of our club and this year will be coaching the U12/13s and continue to help the growth of Volleyball in the Okanagan!

Sarah Demers, T2VB Assistant Coach 2016-current

160224_u18_050_cSarah started with T2VB playing at the U15 level in 2015! She went straight to playing up but had a shoulder injury that has stopped her from reaching her full potential. She is still in recovery but is playing for the KSS Owls Sr. Volleyball team and will be trying out for our U17/18 Programs this winter/spring. She coached our U14/15s this summer for beach volleyball and has a great passion for volleyball and mentoring our kids. We are excited to have her on board this club season to help with our U12/13 teams!


Tammy Thomas, T2VB CEO & Head Coach est. 1986-current

Tammy first started concocting the idea of T2VB when she was in her mothers womb in 1986 and 28 years later built T2 Volleyball Club. In 2015 she started T2 Volleyball with only two teams U15 & U16.

Her passion and enthusiasm led to a surge of burpees and development for volleyball players in Kelowna. Now, T2VB has 11 teams and is 5 times the size as when it began in 2015, only 2 years later! Tammy coached our U13 team to a 14th place finish at the 2016 Provincial Championships in Div 1; being the only Okanagan Team to compete and win games in Div 1 during the 2016 club season. More important than finishes, Tammy helped to show kids U13 and younger that it is possible to play volleyball at a high level in Kelowna and compete with the rest of the Province, maybe even the Nation as this year as we will hopefully have a strong showing at Nationals for the U14 Girls Division in Vancouver in May of 2017. Tammy will be the head coach of the U14 Crew Team, as well as a few other T2 Crew Teams this year.

Tammy has played internationally and competed at the highest level for her sport. She specializes in stealing the best coaching info from other great coaches and using it for the level she is currently coaching to help players improve. She has also so coached two teams to Provincial Titles (ACAC NAIT OOKS Volleyball) and JR Heat U17 2014 Provincial Champs. She has a tougher coaching style but also wants to help coaches and players instil a passion for the game so she is always encouraging and on the PLAYERS side when it comes to competing and learning the game.

More info on Tammy can be found in this article done by KELOWNA NOW, Infocus.

Skye Noh - T2VB Assistant Coach 2016-Current

sky2Skye first started with T2VB as a player with our first club team ever... the U15 Crew Team of 2015. She brings a calm, collected, fun energy to the teams she plays on and has been a top mentor to our younger players for the past year. She is everyone’s fav libero player because she takes charge of the back court and is always the hardest worker on the court. She will bring this leadership to the U14 DV team that she will be assistant coaching with Davis this year. She is easy to talk to and has a great way with the kids so we are very lucky to have her coaching when she is not playing for the OKM Sr. Girls Huskies and the club team of her choice this season... hopefully its T2VB but we are happy to support her if she is chosen for Jr. Heat as well!

Kristine Congram - T2VB Assistant Coach 2016-Current

kristineKristine is a dedicated T2VB family member and has been helping our teams as a “volunteer fundraising queen” as well as a killer “assistant coach” for Jess and the U14 Crew last season. She has extensive organization skills and helps keep track of anything we throw her way. Kristine’s passion for Volleyball and especially T2VB has led to her getting many other parents involved in playing more volleyball themselves and even to the point of organizing events for moms to attend in Vancouver. Kristine’s crazy energy for the game of volleyball is the best and we hope all our players can have her love for the game as much as her when they gone on and off to play for big universities! This year Kristine will be working with the U15s in their journey for volleyball awesomeness.

Nathalie Demers - T2VB Assistant Coach 2016-Current

nathalieNat coached for T2VB this past summer and has helped with our younger teams in the previous club season. She was a top mentor to our U13s last year and is a true leader for her teams as well as other T2VB programs. She is currently playing for the KSS Sr. Girls VB Owls and is a leader on that team as well! We love her energy and can’t wait to have her working with Amber to help our U15s learn how to play with the passion and grit she brings to her teams.

U15/U16 Coaches

Tammy Thomas - T2VB Head Coach (again)

tammySee above "U14 Coaches” for another description... Tammy will be coaching the U16 Crew Team and continue to build the U16 program for T2VB. The U15 team she had last year was a top team in the Div 1 Provincials as well as when they competed at Nationals in the U16 Category for Div 3. They finished in the Top 3 of the U16 Nationals in Calgary, AB, earning them a medal at a National Championship for an age group higher than them all. Tammy is hungry to go back and win a medal again in a higher division than the last and really bring her players to the next level, the highest one yet for U16s in Kelowna.

Kyle Robinson - T2VB Head Coach 2016-Current

kyleKyle first started as a “helper coach” for T2VB last season, but quickly became a full-on “assistant coach” due to his awesome coaching perspectives and eye for the game. The girls really loved Kyle's fun energy that he brought to the team! His new found passion for coaching and keen sense of community involvement has landed him a head coach position at KSS for the Grade 10 Girls. He will be coaching our U16 DV team this year and bringing the fun every night to practice as he really helps Tammy to “have fun” and give less burpees... or more burpees if the kids aren’t working hard 'cause that is one thing Kyle requests from all his players! Kyle’s biggest contribution to T2 is helping people in club learn that volleyball is more than just being really, really, really good looking... although Tammy sometimes disagrees with this concept sometimes.

Kristin Lambris - T2VB Assistant Coach 2016-Current

kristin-lambrisKristin was a helper coach for T2VB last year with Amber and the U16s, but this year will be working with Kyle and the U16 DV Crew. We are excited to have Kristin as she brings a sugar/spice energy to the game. She is nice on the outside but a very competitive player on the inside and requires hard work and determination on all her teams. She has done training with Tammy on the beach and was one of the most coachable players Tammy coached in the Women’s age group. She is what all players should strive to be... coachable and competitive. We can’t wait to have her this season with our U16 DV team!

MARK BROOME - T2 U16 Crew 1 Team Co-Coach 2017 Club Teams

Mark played at UBCO but is a previous OKM Husky. He played for Paul Theissen and has played for many great coaches along the way. He ended up playing on the National Team for one season and went to compete in Europe playing Pro for a top team in his league. He is very passionate about improving the level of volleyball our athletes compete at and head coaches our U14 Boys program as well as coaching our U16 teams and helping out with our U17/18 Teams as well. We are lucky to have him! There are not many Kelowna athletes that get the chance to play pro in Europe so he brings a new level of the game to T2.

Kasandra Palmer - U15 Crew 1 Head Coach 2017 Club Team

Kasandra has been a coach in the community for many years but was also a fantastic setter back in her day! She played NCAA level volleyball and worked hard to earn herself a starting spot on many teams she played on. She is a Kelowna native and has played for the KVC Kroos when that club was coached by Steve Manuel and Karl Enns. Who are now the UBCO Heat coaches. She has coached many teams to provincials medal matches and helped develop the Immaculata teams that have gone through their programs. They are always in the finals in their Provincials and Kasandra is a huge part in this factor. She develops the whole athlete and believes in creating opportunities kids will learn about life not just volleyball. She is tough, but cares a tonne about all her athletes so we are excited to have her on board for the 2017 season.

U17/U18 Coaches

Steven Clements - U17/18 Head Coach 2017 Club Team

Steve played for UBCO and was a dominant OH for them for the years he played.  He is also a super smart tech guy and has landed a permanent position in Kelowna so we are lucky to steal him to coach our awesome U17/18 Team. He brings a great mind to the game and understands how to teach really well. The girls love his coaching style and we as fellow coaches have nothing but great things to say about Steve. As a top hitter in the league when he played he had so many shots and power to his game that it was hard not to try and be "like steve" when you watched him play...we are excited for him to teach our players how to be a top player like he was and still is!! We are crazy lucky to have this coach on board for the 2017 season and hopefully longer! You can learn more about when Steve was a UBCO athlete here.

Clarice MacGillivray - T2VB Assistant Coach 2016

clariceClarice was an amazing coach and person to have around last season with our U17s. She is currently studying in Vancouver but will be coming to events in Vancouver when she can. She is a great coach to have for the kids and her smile is what helps Tammy get through the games when the girls can’t pass the ball better than a 1.5/3. Clarice is the best! We hope to have her back full time when she is done her studies in Vancouver!

Tammy is head coach of U18 Teams as well (see profile above)