Kelowna Volleyball Training Facility

Kelowna Volleyball Training Facility

The T2VB Stone House

Stone VB PHOTOThe facility is a home for my volleyball company which serves as a great place for kids to learn and become better athletes. The facility is what makes our company unique in itself as well as it allows us to offer much more "training" and "development" than any other volleyball club in the Okanagan. We are the only volleyball company in the Okanagan maybe even BC, offering over 11 different training groups for kids, as well as 6 club volleyball teams and beach volleyball training in the summer. We appeal to all levels of volleyball athletes, but mainly kids looking to improve and learn more about the game of volleyball. We currently offer training programs to ages 11-17 for youth training, however, we just started a pre-neo age group for ages 7-11, and offer indoor beach volleyball training for older Pro-Am players looking to play on the circuit next summer. I am doing private lessons during the day and during open gym hours mainly on weekends as our programs take over most evening hours during the week. We have 4 head coaches this year for our club teams and I take pride in developing more coaches in the community so I try and help as many high school & elementary school teams/coaches when I have any free time. We have a coach mentoring program that will be released for the 2016 elementary & high school seasons for next year.

At the facility we offer all of this training, as well as fitness & yoga sessions to balance the body and mind. We have introduced HYA Fitness to the volleyball community in Kelowna, and the parents and players LOVED it!! They were able to get back into fitness, build more strength for volleyball training, as well as just for their daily lives. We did a 50 day HYA fitness challenge and will be releasing another one coming in late-November/early-December. We focus on the individual in helping to improve fitness levels but also recognize that time is the most contributing factor to not being in the best shape people can be in. Our fitness challenges are for all levels of fitness and get people excited about being healthier and happier in their busy lives. We will be offering private fitness training, group sessions and yoga for the kids and their parents this winter club season. Volleyball is the main use for the facility but we find that fitness is a huge factor in being a top athlete so we hope to provide a way for kids to find a passion in fitness in addition to volleyball so THE STONE HOUSE, is a great place help start this journey.

JIM STONE HOUSE PHOTO_croppedWhy "STONE HOUSE"? It is in memory of my dad "Jim STONE" who was a major developer of volleyball in Penticton and the Okanagan. He ran many awesome events that people still continue to talk about. He and my mom inspired me to play volleyball at a very young age by bringing me to all of their events and game nights. He also introduced me to top co-ed volleyball players that played in the high-comp levels of the events they were running. I even remember Jim introducing me to a player who played in all of the final events and that player asked me if I would be his "water girl" and I was sooo excited to feel like I was apart of the games that player was in. Even if it was just giving them water. He passed away in 2010 from a stroke that was a shock to everyone. He was in amazing shape all the time and was considered to be very healthy playing Volleyball and Baseball weekly as well as biking to work any day that it was nice enough to bike. He even had a weight set that he used often after dinner or in the evening. As sad as it was having to say goodbye to such an amazing person in my life, it forced me to sit down and think about what I wanted for T2VB and my life. With this, I gained the inspiration to really build T2VB and help inspire others to also "live like everyday might be your last"! Is the STONE HOUSE a risky move for a small volleyball company like mine? Yes, but if I were to not do this now and work hard to build my dream, I may not ever get to. And so Jim Stone, my dad, in all-ways has inspired the creation of our training facility, so THE STONE HOUSE is very fitting.

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